To receive BroadLinc High Speed Internet


Wireless Internet is heavily dependant on line of sight. We will come out to your home and perform a site survey to verify you can receive a good signal from one of over 30 towers. Then one of our Technicains will attach a radio / antenna to your home so that you can receive our HIgh Speed Internet.


Tower Locations:


New Liberty



W. Grant

Long Ridge

Golds Valley


Pleasant Home


Lusbys Mill

Elk Creek

Greenup Rd.

South Hessler

127 North/Hwy 35 (2ea)


Hammond School Rd.

South Fork Rd.


Pruit Lane

New Columbus

Claxon Ridge

Bucks Run (Owen County)

Fairview Rd.

Squiresville Rd.

Bucks Run (Carroll County)

Jackson Ridge (Carroll County)

Dividing Ridge (Carroll County)

Swope Rd.

Canby (Hwy 330)

Stamping Ground (227 S)

Leaning Oak (Corinth)

127 N and True Rd


Tower Building

                    TOWER CONSTRUCTION


-Site Survey - No charge

-$50 Installation fee plus first month service.    

-Equipment belongs to Broadlinc.

-Same pricing for home or business.

-Sign Up online, click on the Contact tab.

-Click on the NEWS tab to read our Internet Service Agreement

-NO other fee's, you only pay for the monthly packages you select.

Call us at 866-535-5080
Our business hours our Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


                                  INSTALLATION  PRICING

$50 Installation fee + 1st month service (depends on pkg)

Equipment is the property of Broadlinc Communicatons LLC.


                        UNLIMITED INTERNET  PACKAGES


Recommended for single users, Facebook, Videos, Internet Surfing, etc

includes 2 email address (additional email addresses are available) .



Recommended for Multi users, Downloading Movies, Gaming, etc.

includes 4 email addresses (additional email addresses are available)..



Recommended for Small Business, Multi users, Extreme users, etc

includes 6 email addresses (additional email addresses are available)


Static IP addresses  - $5.00 per month


Paper Billing Invoice Option - $1.50 per month


Wireless Routers - $5.00 per month (requires CC to be on file and up to date)


Credit Cards are accepted


Monthly Service fees may be paid online with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or E-Check. And you can also mail a check to:

Broadlinc Communications LLC

P.O. Box 356

Owenton, KY  40359


Please be sure to make your monthly payment so it is received by the 15th of each month to avoid service disruption.


Svc Agmt To view and download our

Internet Service Agreement / Acceptable Use Policy

Revised: 07/2017



Small Antenna